Hawes Haunts

By Historic Hawes Farms (other events)

Fri, Sep 30 2016 7:00 PM Sat, Nov 5 2016 11:00 PM

Open Fridays 7-10pm (Last ticket sold at 10pm)
Open Saturdays 7-11pm (Last ticket sold at 11pm)

Portal of Terror: Embark on a journey of shock and horror as you move through the Gulch and into these dark events. Enter a black vortex, see a … wait! We cannot tell you more or it would ruin the excitement!

Ezra's Curse [this is the dark maze field]: Trudge out into the blackness, down rows of dark, rustling stalks of corn. Steel yourself for hands that may reach out for you from the graves reported to be here. Can you hear Ezra coming? He can hear you.

Zombie Paintball: Always a favorite Fall attraction at Hawes Haunts. A ticket for the Zombie Paintball Hayride is included with your HawesHaunts admission, but to board, you must purchase paintballs. (No outside paintballs allowed!)   

Sinister Tool Shed: Something inhabits the dark Tool Shed. You can tell by the shrieks and howls. The most macabre sounds and smells come from its walls, day and night. Dare you go in?